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Committees of Central Synagogue-Beth Emeth

Our Synagogue grows and thrives because of the dedicated work of our volunteers. Learn about Each Committee Below. Contact the Synagogue office at 516-766-4330, to get involved.

Committee Name: Caring Community Committee
Committee Purpose: To reach out and help make life a little easier for those who are in need and give physical and emotional support as part of the CSBE community through the following:

We create and send our handmade cards to congregants who are sick, in mourning, celebrating the birth of a child or a mile stone occasion.

We send meals (if they agree) to those congregants who are in mourning, those sick or incapacitated, those coming home from the hospital or rehab, and new parents.

We give car rides to congregants who request them for synagogue services and functions, and if possible to doctors for special needs such as chemo or dialysis.

We cook and serve a Shabbat Dinner with Friends several times a year.

We organize a Program with a guest speaker once a year on topics that pertain to the daily lives of families.

We have volunteers under the umbrella of the Caring Community Committee that take care of a wide array of activities which have included, assembling Passover bags for local senior citizens and conducting Shabbat services at the Maple Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation facility.

Committee Name:  Cemetery Committee
Committee Purpose: The Cemetery Committee directs and supervises the care and maintenance of the cemetery properties owned by the congregation and which may sell the lots therein upon terms and conditions established by the Board of Trustees, and which may make such recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the care, maintenance, sale and conduct of any cemetery property as the Cemetery Committee may deem advisable.

Committee Name:  Education Committee
Committee Purpose: The Education Committee works alongside CSBE’s Director of Jewish Education to  ensure that CSBE’s religious school, the Jewish Experience, best serves its students. Our Committee is comprised of parents, grandparents and others who are committed to the education of our next generation.

Committee Name: Education Committee- Adult Education Subcommittee
Committee Purpose: To develop programs that provide opportunities for adults in the CSBE community to explore and deepen their understanding of Judaism and Jewish history, literature, arts and culture. We provide programs that encourage people to connect with others with similar interests. Activities and programs are scheduled throughout the year at different times and on different days to meet the needs of the CSBE population. We welcome new ideas and requests from you!

Past and Recurring Activities:
Weekly Learning with Rabbi Michael

Shabbat morning Torah Study
: As part of our morning service, we discuss the week’s portion and engage in spiritual and meaningful discussions. 

Brunch and Learn Sessions, Guest Lectures, Experts in Our Midst: Discussions and presentations by Congregants.

Committee Name: Engagement Committee

Committee Purpose: To create opportunities for connections in order to encourage active participation in our community.

Past and Recurring Events: Monthly Film Discussions, Annual CSBE Barbeque, New-Member Outreach, Progressive Dinner

Committee Name: Leadership Development
Committee Purpose:  The Leadership Development Committee has two main objectives: to identify potential future leaders and to support and mentor current chairs as they execute their roles. The Committee has developed a Leadership Development Manual for use by committee chairs and, as needed, identifies members for service on committees . Throughout the year the Committee conducts workshops focused on developing and refining skills of effective leadership.

Committee Name: Legal
Committee Purpose: To advise the congregation on legal matters

Committee Name: Library Committee
Committee Purpose:  Meeting monthly, the committee works with our professional librarian to build and maintain our excellent collection of new and classic fiction, non-fiction, children’s and young adult books, movies and music CDs, in addition to providing programming during the year.  The library is a quality resource for the children and staff of the Jewish Experience and for the congregation.

Past and Recurring Activities: Book Talks throughout the year. Talks are often co-sponsored by other Committees and may feature guest authors.  Ongoing:  A book cart is full of duplicate or discarded books from our collection, free for congregants to take.

Committee Name: Religious Practices Committee (Ritual)
Committee Purpose:  This committee works with our clergy to set up policy and programming relating to religious services.

Committee Name: Sisterhood of Central Synagogue-Beth Emeth
Committee Purpose: Sisterhood is an inclusive arm of our vibrant Temple community. Our purpose is to promote close fellowship among our members; to foster and encourage the ideals of Judaism; and to assist the Congregation financially as well as religiously, educationally, and socially

Recurring and Past Activities: Membership Dinner, Monthly Book Group, Guest Speakers, Local Community Social Action Projects 

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